The Scottish Rite
Hospital for Children

This is my number one charity to represent. It is one I talk about most, and one place I recommend to anyone whose child is suffering from orthopedic, dyslexia, or behavioral issues. Their services are FREE. Nothing of compensation is required: no pictures, no money, no charity work. Nothing! The only requirement is a signature from a member of the Masonic Lodge, and the hospital will help you find one if you do not know one. For more information about the Scottish Rite Hospital, or to get an application for your child, click on the picture above or contact your local Masonic Lodge. (Google "Masonic Lodge" and your town or city)

The Shriner’s Hospitals for Children

Second on my list is the Shrine Burn/Cancer centers. This one, ALSO FREE, is dedicated to more specific issues with cancer and/or burns in children. They are noted for flying families to their appointments through a group of volunteer pilots and sponsors. These two groups are dedicated to the betterment of children through things they know they can treat. I am happy to have been part of them for many years. For more information about Shriners in your area, or to get an application for your child, contact your local Shriner's Organication. (Google "Shrine Temple" and your town or city)

Team RWB
(Red, White, and Blue)

My personal favorite, because I am also a veteran, is a social outreach organization that provides services and social gatherings to help active duty, veterans, and military supporters connect with like-minded people. Together they counsel, provide services, and gather participants and volunteers all over the world to join in fun and outreaching activities. They participate in events from social dinners and gatherings to Running, Swimming, Bicycling, and Triathlon events. Larger cities usually have several thousand members, making it very easy to find a friend when you need one. For more information, or to get involved: click on the picture above, go to, or find us on Facebook. They are a non-profit made primarily of volunteers.

A Place to Grow

Over 65 years old, this private non-profit oversees procuring jobs for the mentally and physically challenged adults the DFW community. They also have a Disabled Veterans branch that works specifically with their needs. The beauty of this organization is the happy, upbeat personalities from the workers and supervisors to the administration staff. They hold events throughout the year to help contain their operating costs, allowing them to provide paychecks to some who might not otherwise be able to be productive. (For more information, or to get involved, click on either of the pictures above, go to, or call the main office in Irving at 214-637-2911) They can always use volunteers!

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