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Immersion in ones and zeroes for too long gives rise to an extremely logical persona. That may be why Michael's mind works so far out of the box when he sees a challenge.  Well, that and his dedication to the science of it. (read "geek")
His skills have evolved from technical support, development, and hardware/server knowledge into managing projects and consulting at all levels of business. His unique way of assessing issues and automating redundancy helps reduce workloads and allows employees to grow within their current structures. Originally an IT person, he still has a penchant for data integration. Now he looks to bring that back to the human element for future clients. By creating avenues to display data in a cohesive and informative way, he believes that users can make more informed decisions.
Michael is a serious optimist and definitely his own worst critic. He wants to leave the client better than the way he found them, believing that everyone has an equal chance to succeed if the 'spark' remains in their hearts. He actively looks for opportunities to add wisdom to, and extract anger from, a situation to bring more clarity to those involved. He believes that clearer thought will open a path to move forward rather than dwelling on things that cannot change.
He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business with a focus in eBusiness. He has Master's level training in Organizational Behavior, Business Processes, Negotiation, Information Technology, and Business Management. He showcases his communication skills, and his documentation of processes and projects, as assets to his clients.
Michael definitely has a knack for writing; at least from the reaction of friends, family, and colleagues. In his profession being very good at documentation is a basic, and required, skill. In the mid-2000's he realized he could also use that skill to write fiction. That defined itself in several story lines that are already in progress. With a little luck there should be a site for them to be displayed individually here.
Michael is a staunch protector of children, a voice for those who have needs beyond their grasp. He is an evangelist for the Scottish Rite and Shrine Hospitals, pointing out that they give their treatments for free. He believes no child should suffer when someone has the answer to improve their quality of life. He is also an advocate spokesperson for Brain Injuries, for The Ronald McDonald House who houses families of sick children for free during their treatment, and for the Citizens Development Center whose work to serve adults with mental and physical disabilities is beyond reproach.
Michael is a veteran of the US Air Force and enjoys helping veterans find camaraderie and friendship through military focused, non-profit organizations like Team RWB and Wounded Warrior. He also counsels them in finding jobs through organizations like the Citizens Development Center and Vets Helping Vets.

(See his charity page for more details on these organizations)

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