What would you do?

"At exactly ten thirty on Friday night, everything goes black.

You cannot see your hands in front of you. In fact, you are not sure you are moving your arms at all. There is no sense of up or down, sitting or standing, and no light to get your bearings. You are in a void."

This techno thriller from Michael Lee takes you on a journey through the streets of Washington D.C., around the world, and even through the internet.  It's non-stop action as hackers, scientists, and the U.S. military all compete for control of a weapon involving avatars and thought-based, digital surfing.

Multiple stories intertwine and entertain as threats to the United States and the world emerge. The conflict has already begun as the story opens during an abduction of a government employee working on classified material.

It is a race against the clock as a small team of scientists, on the run from the secret service, match wits against some of the smartest people in the world. 

Coming in 2018.

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